How to Generate New Leads as a Financial Advisor (2023)

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Generating new leads in the world of finance is a long-term game. Developing a successful brand and delivering strong client results can do wonders in drawing in new clients. The three strategies we’re going to discuss work together to create a sustainable presence in your market. While you won’t necessarily see results overnight, building a strong foundation and continuously practicing these concepts will deliver results over time.

Build Your Brand Through Marketing

Building your brand is the best place to start. All of your marketing efforts will stem from the brand and image you create for yourself. The first step is to have a professional-looking business. Take the time to have a personal logo created, business cards, email signatures, and whatever else is needed to create a personal connection and trust among current and prospective clients. The better that your brand appears in the eye of the public, the more incoming clients will trust your abilities as a financial advisor.

In addition to the branding itself, the next step would be creating a website. In this day and age, there are plenty of services you can use to create a website. It doesn’t have to be the best website in the world. Just having one makes you much more discoverable to your market online. It can also be an outlet for you to publish content, and help you grow your email list.

Word of Mouth Marketing

In many cases, especially within the world of finance, your network can be your best tool to attract new leads. Providing excellent service and value to clients makes them more likely to refer you to people in their network. One of the best things about word of mouth marketing (WOM Marketing) is that it’s free. 

Additionally, word of mouth marketing can create exponential gains in the amount of leads you have. The larger your client network grows, the more people that will potentially be bringing up your services in conversation. As this brings in new leads, your client network will continue to grow. This creates a cycle that over time will continue to provide strong results. For detailed info  about how to find high net worth clients check this post from Taylor method. 

Creating High-Value Content

Publishing content online can introduce new people to your services and gives you a chance to demonstrate your expertise. There are so many different channels that you can publish content to nowadays, and different formats of content that may work better for specific niches. In financial advising, a lot of the content being published is either video, articles, infographics, websites, and email campaigns.

Since creating successful email campaigns requires an email list, it’s probably not something you’d start. Rather, it’s something that would be integrated into your larger online marketing efforts. Aside from creating new leads, email lists can also be used to provide value to current and prior clients. The other types of high value content that we mentioned can also be used within email campaigns.