How To Hire A Marketing Specialist in 2021?

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So You Think You’re Ready to Hire a Marketing specialist? Read This First

Using the latest marketing tactics can be a determining factor in a successful company. Hiring the correct marketing specialist could be the difference between success and failure. Marketing is an investment, not an expense, done right it will bring a return. A marketing specialist can generate leads, build brands, and optimize your message. With an evolving landscape, your new hire needs to be able to blend the traditional and the digital.

Here is a breakdown of the process to find, select, hire, and retain a good marketing specialist

Step 1

It can be hard to know what you are looking for in a marketing specialist, but in a world of ever-changing marketing practices, there are consistencies that should be sought after, such as hands-on experience in setting up and optimizing different marketing channels, such as content marketing, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing.

What type of marketing specialist are you looking for: product or performance marketing, or communications or brand marketing, deciding this can impact who you select. There is a range of different specialties, and you need to define the role you need. Look at the marketing you require and what areas of the specialty it fits.

The right level of marketer for the role you are offering: A highly experienced marketer can be great, but will they fit the role you have outlined, or will it be enough for them to be a long-term investment? An intern or new graduate could potentially fit the role; however, a lack of real-world experience could be a let-down. Striking the balance in a marketing specialist’s level to suit your needs can be the difference between someone using you to gain experience to level up, or someone truly invested in growing your business.

Know your goals: Knowing your goals and what you want achieved through marketing can be the difference between hiring a marketing specialist that works for or against you.

Carefully define the position: Defining the position well will attract the right marketing specialist to you. Putting in time at this stage will save you time later in the hiring process.

Step 2

Now you have the role clearly defined, your goals laid out and what type of marketing specialist you are looking for, the next step is where to look for them.

Your own network can be a crucial source of candidates. Spread the word within your network and a marketing specialist may just come and find you.

Look at marketing work that you like, or of your competitors. A marketing specialist that is ready to be hired might be found this way.

Look globally – with the work environment changing, there is no need to search in one specific area, if you are happy with remote working, there is a talent pool beyond your own city. In addition, it can reduce the cost of overheads.

Check their own marketing i.e. does the specialist have their own professional website that aligns with your goals or is their LinkedIn page symbiotic with your plan. Check out their social media, are they able to market themselves as well as they are a business or brand.

Step 3

The interview is a crucial step in the process. Will the candidate mesh with the company culture? The resume is not everything, a candidate’s experience can only tell you so much. They may tick all the correct boxes with experience and education, but if they are not able to fit within your team, that experience will mean very little.

An interview can also distinguish between marketing specialists that have embellished a resume or are better in person than on paper. Asking questions can help you assess their reactions, personality or even integrity. Ask what marketing campaigns they have worked in, and what was their role. Ask technical questions that you know the answer to, primarily to see if they fit with your vision, such as defining KPI’s, measuring results in campaigns.

What’s Next?

Now that you have a selection of candidates that you think will fit your vision, you need to decide on goals and objectives. This will influence the type and length of contract you will offer. Do you need a certain type of marketing specialist for a certain amount of time, or a longer-term investment that will change as your needs change?